Hakim offers you a new experience in delivering orders, if you need.
a purpose from any shop in the city of Riyadh sent to you, to your door
Download the application from the software store and enjoy the full
benefits of the application, and they are the traffic and tension.

The application is available on iPhone and Android


Hakim to deliver, offering you easy service, reasonable prices, and above ,your experience will be an enjoyable.

Beautiful and simple design

New style in orders

Support team is available

Speak directly with the service provider

Great coverage of stores

Evaluation Service

Hakim Captain

Hakim enables you to access a large base of users in your area, and it is
easy for you to deal with them through multiple channels such as direct
conversation, billing and other services.

Now you can document your account as a custome!
Now you can document your account and get the blue badge on your
Authentication is currently used to authenticate the conductors so that
!they can be handled safely

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